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SlicFrac is an "in-casing" diversion system utilizing Perf Pods that selectively divert frac to virgin formation efficiently stimulating the entirety of each stage. SlicFrac allows operators to reduce (or eliminate) the total number of bridge plugs within a wellbore without drastically changing their frac design.
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Perf Pods are perforation plugging devices that can be deployed in a wellbore to efficiently attach to and block perforations; sealing irregular shaped holes. By design, Perf Pods selectively plug perforations that are taking the most fluid.

  • Pressure rating - up to 10,000 psi
  • Millable, Acid Resistant or Self Degrading variations available
  • "Packaged" in a frangible shell for precise surface deployment or launched downhole via Wireline Deployment Tool
  • New Completions
    • Stage-by-Stage
      • Intra-Stage Diversion
      • Replace Frac Plugs w/ Pods
    • Diversion
      • Entire Wellbore
      • Between Frac Plugs

  • Recompletions or Re-Fracs
    • Diversion on Existing Perfs
    • Diversion with Added Stages

  • Chemical Treatment

  • Casing Problems
    • Stages Below Restrictions
    • Casing Patches or Partial Collapse


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